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Emmar Grant is a dynamic film artist whose creative prowess spans both commercial and artistic realms. Renowned for his versatility, Emmar masterfully navigates the complexities of filmmaking, from directing to cinematography, imbuing each project with a distinct vision and depth. His commercial work is celebrated for its innovative approach and ability to connect with a wide audience, while his artistic endeavors explore profound themes, challenging viewers to think deeply. Emmar's passion for storytelling is evident in his meticulous attention to detail and the emotional resonance of his films. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Emmar Grant stands as a pivotal figure in contemporary cinema, seamlessly blending artistry with commercial appeal.

Emmar explores the kinetic illusion of motion pictures, whether seen in traditional film and narrative structures, or in projection art pieces of varied contexts.  There is a playfulness to that exploration, and a sense of visual linguistic word play.  Film is a language, and it can be taken from the rectangle and splashed across surfaces and into the world. 


The safety of art is that one can view a dangerous animal without fear of being mauled.  Emmar doesn’t want the frame and glass that prevents the mauling of the viewer to be too obvious. 


Choosing influences, Emmar is  drawn to the work of Chris Cunningham and Alberto Mielgo.   What shocks Emmar every time I take on an endeavor, especially the truly risky, is how much the world will conspire to help you.

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