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- Short Film
- August 2016
- Director | Editor | Graphics

Justice is a gripping drama film directed by Emmar Grant and starring Jamie Buckley. The story follows a woman who is struggling to cope with the aftermath of shooting a robber. The film explores themes of trauma, justice, and the complexities of the human experience.

Justice Final ver 002.gif
Justice Final ver 002.00_00_36_22.Still020.jpg

The Film


Justice Final ver 002.00_00_25_02.Still034.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_00_36_00.Still024.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_00_34_20.Still019.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_00_36_20.Still022.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_00_36_22.Still020.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_00_41_10.Still025.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_00_43_02.Still026.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_00_57_21.Still027.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_01_02_21.Still028.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_01_11_05.Still029.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_01_27_01.Still030.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_01_51_10.Still032.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_01_40_04.Still031.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.00_02_05_08.Still033.jpg
Justice Final ver 002.gif
Left Wall Resideo the Eye 021820_4.gif

Resideo: The Eye
Multi-sensory Surround Movie
Director | VFX | Color | Edit


Rachael First.00_07_35_11.Still016.jpg

Holographic Projection Art Installation
Director | Projection Artist

ManifestIV Baroque Projection Art_1.jpg

Saturn | Pluto
3D Video art and Hologram Art Installation
Director | Hologram Artist

Taking His Beard For A Walk Final.00_00_08_02.Still007.jpg

Short Film 
Director of Photography | Projection Artist | Colorist

Taking His Beard For A Walk
Short Film
Director | VFX | Editor | Colorist


Short Film
Co-Director | Projection Artist | Camera | VFX


Jules of Light and Dark
Feature Film
Best Boy


Student Work
Short Films


These BootsWere Made For Robbin'.00_00_26_06.Still026.jpg

These Boots Were Made For Robbin'
Super 8mm Short Film

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