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- Holographic Art Installation
- June 2022

- Agency: 500X Gallery
- Director | Projection Artist

Gamma, a word that bolts onto unsuspecting terms in science, color, economics, and medicine.  In early 2022, we began fearing the gamma radiation of nuclear bombs, again.  Gamma radiation, tiny particles that lacerate the body, can kill or mutate you.  As can Covid-19, inflation, bullets, and semen.  They can all mutate or kill you.  We don't fight any of this, we normalize it.

During 2020, Emmar would awake from deep dreams in a startle,  In his mind, in a state that was similar to shock.  Separate from other people, Emmar wondered if the dreams were his gamma waves meeting another's gamma waves.  The most note worthy was a dream of two people, filled with lightning, holding each other.  When he awoke, he didn't feel joy.  It felt like a concussion.  

Gamma is an art installation of holographic works by Emmar Grant.  The swimming piece is in collaboration with Rachael Henson.  The people with lightning was created in collaboration with Nick Garces.  And the model for the man on the scooter is Phillip Malone.  This exhibition includes underwater photography, video effects, and projection mapping to create an environment of acidic light.  AI sound is used to provide an auditory patina of cheap perfume.  Projection art that haunts.

Gamma Card.jpg
Emmar Grant Gamma 01.jpg

The Immersive Experience


Emmar Grant Gamma 02.jpg

At the front of the exposition was the title wall.  There, a glowing sign with the symbol for Gamma greeted you, as well as an infinite objects glitch art video piece.  That was filmed by Emmar in 2004 on miniDV tape, at Disney World.  A video of Cinderella's Castle during a firework show.  The  tape glitched out, giving the look at the past a long lost quality.


The centerpiece of Gamma is a colletion of three holograms, projected onto Covid shields.  The Swimmer, performed by Rachael Henson, was filmed underwater to bring about a weightless feeling to the holographic imagery.  AI rotoscoping removed her from the swimming pool background, and she was projected in the space.  The overshoot of her projection lived largely on the ceiling at the other end of the gallery. 

The motor scooter rider, played by Philip Malone, is blindfolded, riding in an irradiated landscape.  An alternative image to lady justice.  Shot and animated by Emmar.

The couple was based on a dream Emmar had of a couple embracing, filled with lightning.  Nick Garces animated the couple with the lightning.  Emmar added color and video effects, and projected it as the third hologram.

Couple Hologram_2.gif
Couple Hologram.00_12_05_00.Still009.jpg
Couple Hologram.00_01_02_00.Still002.jpg
Couple Hologram.00_08_28_11.Still005.jpg
Couple Hologram.00_12_00_22.Still008.jpg
Couple Hologram.00_03_39_02.Still004.jpg
Couple Hologram.00_00_33_02.Still001.jpg

The sphere was created by Emmar Grant, a plastic sphere with a lens bolted to the side.  A small project injects a projected image to show the concept of an irradiated world.  Filmed with a turntable at a demolished mobile home park, Emmar added television static people to the surrounding area.  This piece played on this large round sphere as part of the Gamma exhibition.

Vipassana -Emmar Grant.gif
Vipassana -Emmar Grant.00_00_08_10.Still002.jpg
Vipassana -Emmar Grant_3.gif
Vipassana -Emmar Grant_1.gif
Vipassana -Emmar Grant.00_00_52_09.Still009.jpg
Vipassana -Emmar Grant_8.gif

Vipassana is a short film played across three large screens.  The film is about the feeling and process of meditation.  A point of view film that is instuctional, and experiential. Including a dancer played by Gabriel Darling, perfomring a Butoh dance.  Effects and animation by Emmar Grant.

Matte 05.jpg
Matte 03.jpg
Matte 16_2.gif
Matte 02.jpg
Matte 06.jpg

Carpet designs were created by Emmar, using scans of milk glass patterns, created in the style of photogams.  Emmar then added projection to the carpets.  Projected on each using pico projectors.  Each carpet is about certain aspects of the pandemic.

Untitled_Artwork 22.png
Untitled_Artwork 25.png
Untitled_Artwork 21.png
Untitled_Artwork 23.png
Untitled_Artwork 24.png

Emmar created slides for a collection of mini car door projectors.  They had a small push button.  Viewers were encouraged to use them to put words togther and project them all over the exhibit.


Art Installation
Digital Artist | Director 

ManifestIV Baroque Projection Art_1.jpg

Projection Map of Cathedral of Guadalupe, Dallas TX
Event Projection Mapping
Projection Specialist | Motion Graphics

Saturn | Pluto
3D Video art and Hologram Art Installation
Director | Hologram Artist

Vintage Visages of Vinegar Vampires
Video Portrait Art Installation
Video Artist, | Director | Hologram Artist

Record Gun Phone.gif
Cake Baked Portrait.gif
Mariana Dive.gif

Marianas Dive
Projection Art Installation
Projection Artist

Cake News
Projection Art Installation
Projection Artist


The Kennel
Holographic Art Installation
Holographic Artist  

Motion Blind Poster blank.png

Triumph of Flies
Light and Hologram Art Installation
Sculpture and Hologram Artist | VFX

Motion Blind
Projection Art Installation
Projection Artist


Short Form Projections
Projection Art Installations
Projection Artist


Negative Leap Seconds
Projection Art and AI Art Installation
Projection Artist | AI Specialist

Bryar vvvv with sound.00_01_00_11.Still008.jpg
Left Wall Resideo the Eye 021820_4.gif

Resideo: The Eye
Multi-sensory Surround Movie
Director | VFX | Color | Edit



900lbs Case Studies
Branded Videos
Camera | Editor | Motion Graphics

Henk Lemmers - He Was A Lovely Red
Projection Art Installation
Projection Specialist | Curator


Through the Teleporter the Steak Tastes Synthetic
AI Art Installations
AI Installation Artist

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