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Taking His Beard
For A Walk

-Short Film
- August 2016
- Director | VFX | Editor

While sitting in a diner in San Franscisco, Emmar's friend Gabriel Darling noticed a man walking past.  She commented "He's taking his beard for a walk."  This stuck in Emmar's mind.  He quickly wrote this short about a man with a sentient beard that he has to walk.  Each scenario gets stranger and stranger until it is over.  A surreal film.

As the main character we have fan favorite Austin Cardenas.  We even have Tony Cooper as an onlooker.  Aaron Payton puppeteers the beard, and is erased from the frames with visual effects.  

Taking His Beard For A Walk Final.00_00_08_02.Still007.jpg
Taking His Beard For A Walk Final.00_00_33_18.Still012.jpg

The Film


Beard 001.00_00_28_10.Still009.jpg
Taking His Beard For A Walk Final.00_00_13_12.Still008.jpg
Taking His Beard For A Walk Final.00_00_26_13.Still010.jpg
Taking His Beard For A Walk Final.00_00_20_06.Still009.jpg
Taking His Beard For A Walk Final.00_00_31_22.Still011.jpg
Taking His Beard For A Walk Final.00_00_45_01.Still013.jpg


Behind the scenes we can see Aaron puppeteering the beard to create the moving beard sequences.  And an early cut of the film before VFX.

Beard 001.00_00_02_10.Still006.jpg
Beard 001.00_00_14_12.Still007.jpg
Beard 001.00_00_31_11.Still010.jpg
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