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Manifestiv Desk Concert
- Music Video
- March 2021
- Director of Photography

ManifestiV created a tiny desk concert and wanted to create a flowing video between a series of songs to be filmed at their farm house.  Emmar shot this video on gimbal, and some drone photography, to give it the feeling of smoothly floating through the house and getting shots of all the band members playing their unique instruments and styles. - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_15_57_10.Still042 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_00_05_09.Still022

 The Film

Concept - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_01_15_12.Still024 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_00_37_18.Still023 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_02_48_00.Still025 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_07_22_05.Still029 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_08_10_18.Still030 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_03_46_12.Still026 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_06_01_08.Still028 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_09_04_16.Still033 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_09_37_01.Still031 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_09_19_14.Still034 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_10_25_14.Still032 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_10_39_17.Still036 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_13_40_22.Still039 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_14_48_04.Still040 - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_15_11_22.Still041
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_00_50_15.Still004.jpg

May Leitz - Lipstick
Music Video, AI
AI Specialist

Death Bed - Aaron Payton.00_03_03_03.Still026.jpg

Jai1 - Deathbed
Music Video
Director of Photography | Colorist


ManifestiV -  On The Line
AI Music Video
AI Specialist | Colorist | Editor

YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_39_08.Still044.jpg

Grace Sydney Pham - 
Your Child is a Waste of Space

Music Video
Director | Editor


Invitation to an Incantation
AI Video Art
AI Specialist


My GameStop Store
Branded Music Video
Director | Camera | VFX | Colorist

WAXWING Final_1_1.gif

May Leitz - reBUILD
AI Music VIdeo
AI Specialist | Colorist


Texas Snow Monkeys -  Cold Gin
AI Music Video
AI Specialist | Editor


May Leitz - Your Pretty Face Exploded
Music Video, AI
AI Specialist | Animator | Face Capture

Music Video
Director | VFX | Editor

ManifestIV at Tradewinds.00_14_47_17.Still024.jpg

ManifestiV at the Tradewinds
Music Documentary
Director | Camera | Editor | Colorist | Motion Graphics

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