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Your Child is A
Waste of Space

- Music Video
- March 2020
- Director | Director of Photography

Grace Sydney Pham music video for Your Child is a Waste of Space.  Shot with a cinema camera with a flashing light attached, so that the sparkles of the dress could be accentuated.

YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_39_08.Still044.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_01_45_13.Still050.jpg

The Film


YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_39_08.Still044.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_11_10.Still041.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_00_00.Still040.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_26_23.Still042.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_51_18.Still045.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_01_06_06.Still047.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_46_14.Still043.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_01_45_13.Still050.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_00_53_20.Still046.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_01_22_05.Still048.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_02_22_15.Still052.jpg
YCIAWOS Cut1.00_02_27_24.Still054.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_00_50_15.Still004.jpg

May Leitz - Lipstick
Music Video, AI
AI Specialist

Death Bed - Aaron Payton.00_03_03_03.Still026.jpg

Jai1 - Deathbed
Music Video
Director of Photography | Colorist


ManifestiV -  On The Line
AI Music Video
AI Specialist | Colorist | Editor - ManifestiV HorsemeN at HomE-dgCryRYo_wY-1080pp-1706743417.00_15_57_10.Still042

ManifestiV Tiny Desk Concert
Music Video
Director | Camera 


Invitation to an Incantation
AI Video Art
AI Specialist


My GameStop Store
Branded Music Video
Director | Camera | VFX | Colorist

WAXWING Final_1_1.gif

May Leitz - reBUILD
AI Music VIdeo
AI Specialist | Colorist


Texas Snow Monkeys -  Cold Gin
AI Music Video
AI Specialist | Editor


May Leitz - Your Pretty Face Exploded
Music Video, AI
AI Specialist | Animator | Face Capture

Music Video
Director | VFX | Editor

ManifestIV at Tradewinds.00_14_47_17.Still024.jpg

ManifestiV at the Tradewinds
Music Documentary
Director | Camera | Editor | Colorist | Motion Graphics

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