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May Leitz, Lipstick
- AI Generated Music Video
- September 2022
- Agency: Nyx Fears Channel

- AI Specialist | Director

May Leitz is one of Emmar's closest friends.  They did work on May's Nyx Fears channel, as well as work on each other's films.  May produced music as the AI revolution began.  Emmar took a chance to prompt out a video for a song that felt like spinning through a galaxy.

Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_00_05_03.Still002.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 07.gif

The Film


In May's iconography there have always been a gothic, spook-a-blast undercurrent.  Goddess of Death was included in the prompt, as well as photographic terms such as Tri-X.  These prompts were typed into a Google Colab interface for Stable Diffusion: Deforum.  The prompt ran for about 7 hours over night.  Then Emmar did some color work in DaVinci Resolve, synced the music, and then sent it to May Leitz.  This was an early time for A.I. video.

Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_01_55_14.Still010.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_01_43_14.Still009.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_01_17_12.Still008.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_01_16_08.Still007.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_01_00_22.Still005.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_01_10_01.Still006.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_00_05_03.Still002.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_00_50_15.Still004.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_00_32_18.Still003.jpg

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