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900lbs AI Holiday Videos
- AI Generated Holiday Cards
- December 2022
- Agency: 900lbs
- AI Specialist | Motion Graphics Artist

At 900lbs, it is a tradition to do something special for clients during the holidays.  Some years involved singing videos, or comedy sketches involving a Christmas Tree on a roomba.  During the holidays of 2022, Emmar brought the very early AI video technology to the holiday tradition.  

For American Thanksgiving, Emmar made a short social media video titled "Robot Thanksgiving." The imagery was created in DALLE-2 and Stable Diffusion Deforum.  After Effects was used to add some motion to some still images.  The flickery, every changing imagery from Deforum needed little adjustment, and it was exciting to present the message that 900lbs was creative, exciting, and they were miles ahead of everyone.

The Holiday Card video was sent out to clients only, as a special thank you.  The process for creating that card was to give CEO and acting Creative Director Steve Deitz a link to  On that site he could search for imagery that he liked, and that imagery comes with prompting details.  Emmar modified the prompts in Stable Diffusion Deforum, and then ran several videos that he stitched together to create holiday magic.

900lbs Holiday Card 2022_03.00_00_28_17.Still007.jpg

The Film


DALL·E 2022-11-21 22.28.47 - A turkey in the style of cyanotype.jpg
DALL·E 2022-11-21 22.28.38 - A turkey in the style of cyanotype.jpg
DALL·E 2022-11-21 22.29.16 - A turkey in the style of fisheye lens.jpg
DALL·E 2022-11-21 22.29.07 - A turkey in the style of fisheye lens.jpg
DALL·E 2022-11-21 22.28.58 - A turkey in the style of fisheye lens.jpg
900lbs Holiday Card 2022_03.00_00_26_17.Still006.jpg
900lbs Holiday Card 2022_03.00_00_15_20.Still004.jpg
900lbs Holiday Card 2022_03.00_00_54_10.Still010.jpg
900lbs Holiday Card 2022_03.00_00_41_02.Still008.jpg
900lbs Holiday Card 2022_03.00_00_58_21.Still011.jpg
900lbs Holiday Card 2022_03.00_01_04_20.Still012.jpg
Lipstick- May Leitz - 4k - 01.00_00_50_15.Still004.jpg

May Leitz - Lipstick
Music Video, AI
AI Specialist


Negative Leap Seconds
Projection Art and AI Art Installation
Projection Artist | AI Specialist

PGA Mogaph Cut 03_23.gif

PGA Promo
AI and Motion Graphics Video 
AI Specialist | Motion Graphics Artist


Invitation to an Incantation
AI Video Art
AI Specialist


ManifestiV -  On The Line
AI Music Video
AI Specialist | Colorist | Editor

Wolves Protection Group Pitch
Pitch Video, AI 
AI Specialist | Motion Graphics


May Leitz - reBUILD
AI Music VIdeo
AI Specialist | Colorist


Through the Teleporter the Steak Tastes Synthetic
AI Art Installations
AI Installation Artist


Texas Snow Monkeys -  Cold Gin
AI Music Video
AI Specialist | Editor

May Leitz - Your Pretty Face Exploded
Music Video, AI
AI Specialist | Animator | Face Capture

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