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900lbs Case Studies
- September 2017 -  April 2023

Emmar Grant made case study videos for 900lbs for six years.  Incorporting shooting, editing, VFX, motion graphics and color, Emmar sought the express the creative nature of the immersive projects at 900lbs.  

  The Films

HarmanReadyTogether4k copy.gif

Harman Ready Together
Technology Promo
Director | Editor | Colorist | Motion Graphics


On Deck
Athlete Promo 
Editor | Colorist


Muscle Milk
Athlete Promo
Inpainting Artist

Left Wall Resideo the Eye 021820_4.gif

Resideo: The Eye
Multi-sensory Surround Movie
Director | VFX | Color | Edit



My GameStop Store
Branded Music Video
Director | Camera | VFX | Colorist

NF Twin Peaks Part 01_1.gif

Nyx Fears
You Tube Channel   
Producer | Editor | Motion Graphics | Performer

Role: Director | AI Specialist
Agency: Nyx Fears Channel

PGA Mogaph Cut 03_23.gif

PGA Promo
AI and Motion Graphics Video 
AI Specialist | Motion Graphics Artist

Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_11_28.Still005.jpg

Pegasus Bank Holiday Video
Director | Camera | Editor | Colorist

Wolves Protection Group Pitch
Pitch Video, AI 
AI Specialist | Motion Graphics

Arvell Reese 16X9.00_00_07_35.Still012.jpg

Takis Intense Moments
Athlete Spotlight


Projection Map of Cathedral of Guadalupe, Dallas TX
Event Projection Mapping
Projection Specialist | Motion Graphics


900lbs Holiday AI Videos
Branded AI Generated Videos
AI Specialist 

Yellow Rose Barber Shop - Macgraw Productions 04.00_00_10_09.Still007.png

Yellow Rose Barber Shop
Branded Video

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