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Nyx Fears Channel
- June 2015 -  March 2018
- Producer | Editor | Motion Graphics

Emmar has a long history with Nyx Fears Channel and showrunner May Leitz.  In the summer of 2015 they worked on a show titled VHS Is Not Toilet Paper, where they watched trash cinema and spoke about it on camera.  Emmar made motion graphics for the show and even plays a dancing Michael Myers in an episode posted here.

Emmar and May have kept up collaborations over the years.  It is a wonderful friendship.

NF Twin Peaks Part 01_1.gif
Nyx Fears Ingrid 01_1.gif

The Films


Nyx Fears Ingrid 01.gif
Nyx Fears Hynagogia Cut 1.gif
Nyx Fears Hynagogia Cut 1_6.gif
Nyx Fears Hynagogia Cut 1_4.gif
Nyx Fears Hynagogia Cut 1_2.gif
Nyx Fears Hynagogia Cut 1_5.gif
Nyx Fears Hynagogia Cut 1_3.gif
Nyx Fears Hynagogia Cut 1_1.gif
audrey horne_2.gif
HarmanReadyTogether4k copy.gif

Harman Ready Together
Technology Promo
Director | Editor | Colorist | Motion Graphics


On Deck
Athlete Promo 
Editor | Colorist


Muscle Milk
Athlete Promo
Inpainting Artist

Left Wall Resideo the Eye 021820_4.gif

Resideo: The Eye
Multi-sensory Surround Movie
Director | VFX | Color | Edit



My GameStop Store
Branded Music Video
Director | Camera | VFX | Colorist

Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_11_28.Still005.jpg

Pegasus Bank Holiday Video
Director | Camera | Editor | Colorist

Role: Director | AI Specialist
Agency: Nyx Fears Channel


Wolves Protection Group Pitch
Pitch Video, AI 
AI Specialist | Motion Graphics

Arvell Reese 16X9.00_00_07_35.Still012.jpg
PGA Mogaph Cut 03_23.gif

PGA Promo
AI and Motion Graphics Video 
AI Specialist | Motion Graphics Artist


900lbs Case Studies
Branded Videos
Camera | Editor | Motion Graphics


Projection Map of Cathedral of Guadalupe, Dallas TX
Event Projection Mapping
Projection Specialist | Motion Graphics

Yellow Rose Barber Shop - Macgraw Productions 04.00_00_10_09.Still007.png

Yellow Rose Barber Shop
Branded Video

Takis Intense Moments
Athlete Spotlight


900lbs Holiday AI Videos
Branded AI Generated Videos
AI Specialist 

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