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Pegasus Bank Holiday Video
- June 2022
- Agency: 900lbs
- Camera Operator | Editor

Pegasus Bank wanted to create a holiday video that would showcase their team and spread some festive cheer. They decided to include interviews with their employees to give viewers a glimpse into the company culture and values. The video turned out to be a great success, with many customers and employees expressing their appreciation for the heartwarming content.

Emmar shot the Video on a gimbal and with a drone.  The interviews are with executives of the bank.  They are really fun people to chat with and work with, having spent time with them across a few projects.  

Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_30_09.Still009.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_05_08.Still002.jpg

 The Film


Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_03_13.Still001.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_05_08.Still002.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_08_01.Still003.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_11_28.Still005.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_15_18.Still006.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_10_17.Still004.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_18_25.Still007.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_27_17.Still008.jpg
Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_30_09.Still009.jpg
HarmanReadyTogether4k copy.gif

Harman Ready Together
Technology Promo
Director | Editor | Colorist | Motion Graphics


On Deck
Athlete Promo 
Editor | Colorist

Left Wall Resideo the Eye 021820_4.gif

Resideo: The Eye
Multi-sensory Surround Movie
Director | VFX | Color | Edit



My GameStop Store
Branded Music Video
Director | Camera | VFX | Colorist

Role: Director | AI Specialist
Agency: Nyx Fears Channel


Wolves Protection Group Pitch
Pitch Video, AI 
AI Specialist | Motion Graphics

Arvell Reese 16X9.00_00_07_35.Still012.jpg
PGA Mogaph Cut 03_23.gif

PGA Promo
AI and Motion Graphics Video 
AI Specialist | Motion Graphics Artist


900lbs Case Studies
Branded Videos
Camera | Editor | Motion Graphics

Takis Intense Moments
Athlete Spotlight


900lbs Holiday AI Videos
Branded AI Generated Videos
AI Specialist 


Muscle Milk
Athlete Promo
Inpainting Artist

NF Twin Peaks Part 01_1.gif

Nyx Fears
You Tube Channel   
Producer | Editor | Motion Graphics | Performer

Pegasus Holiday Video 06.00_00_11_28.Still005.jpg

Pegasus Bank Holiday Video
Director | Camera | Editor | Colorist


Projection Map of Cathedral of Guadalupe, Dallas TX
Event Projection Mapping
Projection Specialist | Motion Graphics

Yellow Rose Barber Shop - Macgraw Productions 04.00_00_10_09.Still007.png

Yellow Rose Barber Shop
Branded Video

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