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Vintage Visages of Vinegar Vampires
- Video Portrait Art Installation
- June 2021
- Director | Video Artist

Vintage Visages of Vinegar Vampires is an large scale video portraiture show.  Emmar, in spending time during the pandemic, found all of the friends he was spending time with to be rather vampy.  He had a concept for creating portraits of people as videos rather than stills.  Upon installation he found that the portraits acted as mirrors to who he was in the time of the pandemic.  This further enhances the vampire narrative, which includes mirrors that reflect or don't reflect.

This was set up at the 500X in an arch around the viewer.  Viewers would spend time up to 30 minutes in the installation.  It was a slow time for galleries, but the install was viewed by a high number of people in the dark space.   It was later shown in October of 2023 as part of the Euphoria show, attended by over 200 people.

Azzy 1080.00_01_25_02.Still001.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_00_28_20.Still002.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_00_59_13.Still006.jpg
tony vvvv.00_00_45_03.Still004.jpg

 The Installation

In the centerpiece of the installation, Azrael Erickson imagines a feeling through touching textures in different cups.  Azrael improvised this performance, with no ums or ahs, in ten minutes straight.  An incredible feat.  Shot on an anamorphic lens.

Anam E is the Firedancer hologram, projected onto a covid shield.  Emmar discovered that the covid shield caught light beautifully.  There is an overshoot of the projection that creates a twenty foot tall version of the character on the wall.

Anam E danced on a black background with a digital mask to present burning face.

Tony Cooper discusses his interest in the Book of Job.  Shot on an anamorphic lens with the camera on its side.

Bryar Bennet is the Vampire in the installation.  She is shot in high frame rate with a retroflective background and mask.


Azzy 1080.00_01_25_02.Still001.jpg
Azzy 1080.00_07_07_16.Still009.jpg
Azzy 1080.00_07_15_14.Still010.jpg
Azzy 1080.00_03_58_09.Still005.jpg
Azzy 1080.00_06_15_02.Still008.jpg
Azzy 1080.00_07_49_17.Still011.jpg
Azzy 1080.00_03_30_08.Still004.jpg
Anam Hologram.00_00_18_07.Still005.jpg
Anam Hologram.00_00_14_11.Still004.jpg
Anam Hologram.00_00_09_23.Still003.jpg
Anam Hologram.00_00_06_20.Still002.jpg
Anam Hologram.00_00_03_20.Still001.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_00_41_20.Still004.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_00_38_03.Still003.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_00_28_20.Still002.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_00_59_13.Still006.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_00_11_04.Still001.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_01_22_19.Still009.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_01_46_01.Still010.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_01_55_08.Still011.jpg
Bryar vvvv with sound.00_02_04_15.Still012.jpg
tony vvvv.00_00_14_17.Still002.jpg
tony vvvv.00_02_06_14.Still005.jpg
tony vvvv.00_00_45_03.Still004.jpg
tony vvvv.00_00_25_12.Still003.jpg
Emmar vvvv.00_00_15_15.Still003.jpg
Emmar vvvv.00_01_30_13.Still001.jpg
Left Wall Resideo the Eye 021820_4.gif

Resideo: The Eye
Multi-sensory Surround Movie
Director | VFX | Color | Edit


ManifestIV Baroque Projection Art_1.jpg

Saturn | Pluto
3D Video art and Hologram Art Installation
Director | Hologram Artist

Rachael First.00_07_35_11.Still016.jpg

Projection Map of Cathedral of Guadalupe, Dallas TX
Event Projection Mapping
Projection Specialist | Motion Graphics

Cake News
Projection Art Installation
Projection Artist

Holographic Projection Art Installation
Director | Projection Artist


Art Installation
Digital Artist | Director 

Record Gun Phone.gif
Cake Baked Portrait.gif
Mariana Dive.gif

Marianas Dive
Projection Art Installation
Projection Artist

The Kennel
Holographic Art Installation
Holographic Artist  


Triumph of Flies
Light and Hologram Art Installation
Sculpture and Hologram Artist | VFX


Short Form Projections
Projection Art Installations
Projection Artist


Negative Leap Seconds
Projection Art and AI Art Installation
Projection Artist | AI Specialist

Projection Art Installation
Projection Artist


Through the Teleporter the Steak Tastes Synthetic
AI Art Installations
AI Installation Artist

Motion Blind Poster blank.png

Henk Lemmers - He Was A Lovely Red
Projection Art Installation
Projection Specialist | Curator

Motion Blind
Projection Art Installation
Projection Artist

900lbs Case Studies
Branded Videos
Camera | Editor | Motion Graphics

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