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Marianas Dive
- Projection on Clay Sculpture
- May 2015
- Projection Artist

Marianas Dive is the first projection mapping Emmar created.  It is on a two foot square sculpture of a deep dive suit.  When a projector is aligned, a video plays of the suit peacefully under water.  Then the inside of the suit is shown to be a woman in a leaking suit waiting, afraid, with no one coming to save her.

The most fascinating reaction this piece creates is a desire for someone to save the character in the suit.  Marianas Dive is a piece that brings about empathy.

This installation was displayed at the Rebel Rebel show by the House of Iconoclasts, and at the 500X in November of 2020.

Mariana Dive.gif
Mariana Dive_1.gif

The Film


The video components were created by shooting with actress Jamie Buckley.  A fish tank that was half full of water was placed between the actress and the camera.  Several textures were photographed to create the suit including the back of a tape deck, drinking glasses, and calculator parts.  Eagle eyed viewers might spot shots of a shark in the reflection of the helmet, shot at a Disney park in 2004. The particulate for the underwater scenes is dryer lint shot on black and layered into the animation, played in reverse.

Mariana Dive.00_00_06_23.Still001.jpg
Mariana Dive.00_00_16_09.Still003.jpg
Mariana Dive.00_01_06_12.Still008.jpg
Mariana Dive.00_00_56_10.Still007.jpg
Mariana Dive.00_00_45_15.Still006.jpg
Mariana Dive.jpg
Rachael First.00_07_35_11.Still016.jpg

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